Bombay Property

We offer Service Apartments in Mumbai as an alternative to hotels. Most of the Mumbai Service Apartments can be offered for short term stay, and temporary accommodation in Mumbai, for periods of One day onward.

Mumbai Service Apartments are ideal for Individual Travellers, Families, Companies and Corporates requiring short term accommodation, guest houses or temporary housing for their employees for short term as well as long term.

Most Serviced Apartments are highly effective for cost saving when compared as alternatives to hotels. Service Apartments usually offer more space and amenities than hotels within the apartment itself. This is therefore well suited for Individuals, Groups, Families, or Corporates as an alternative to living in hotels or having to maintain their own housing in Mumbai (Bombay), if required for Temporary or Short Term use.

Serviced Apartments Mumbai.com aim’s to offer an increasing number of locations in Mumbai of service apartments, as well as a wider price range in the types of apartments. It intends to cover all area’s of Mumbai, where temporary accommodation is required.

One can offer their properties as Service Apartments in Mumbai through this website, to enhance rental earnings on fully furnished and equipped properties available on rent.

About Khandelwal Realty

Khandelwal Realty Group has been involved in the property business since 1958 and developed its milestone project in 1960, Mumbai’s “USHA KIRAN” building, India’s first skyscraper, which housed the who’s who of the city.

Thereafter its Real Estate activity grew to executing projects such as developing mini townships, carrying out works on dams & canal’s, and development of large areas in the city.

At the start of India’s process of Globalization and in keeping with the new professional needs of the emerging generation of clientele, in 1995 the real estate activities of the company extended to include “Serviced Apartments &Property Services”.

The Group started an office in London UK, and serviced the needs of clients globally, who were interested in setting up business or investments in India. Simultaneously it started managing and marketing serviced apartments in the UK.

We were probably the first to start up the concept of individual serviced apartments in India, and have carried out this activity with great success since.

We are proud to offer you in continuance of the same legacy, serviced apartments in as many locations possible, for your ease and convenience.

The Khandelwal Group has Pioneered the Property and Real Estate business in India with several mile stones.

We offer a long track record with years of experience behind it since 1949.